Oral Conscious Sedation for Apprehensive Patients

Are you one of the millions who get very anxious at that thought of a dentist coming near you with a drill? Does the phrase 'root canal' cause you to go into panic mode? We offer the option of safe sedation dentistry. Imagine being able to undergo oral surgery or a complicated procedure while sedated and then waking up with no recollection of the time, the pain (or discomfort), or of the noise of the drill.

Is Sedation Safe?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and comfortable way for you to avoid the anxiety often felt when having complex procedures one. We are closely monitored to ensure we follow regulations set forth by our governing body, the American Dental Association.

Choices in Sedation Level

There are two levels of Sedation available through our dental group.

Mild sedation is usually administered orally, and offers patients a relaxed experience. Patients will be very sleepy but will be awake and calm during the procedure. You will be able to respond well to commands. The effect of the mild sedative wears off after procedure is completed. The best known mild sedative is often referred to as 'laughing gas'.

Moderate/Deep sedation is used for patients who need more complex procedures, and also may involve longer time-frames as well. If you suffer from a moderate to extreme level of anxiety, sedatives are given in pill form. Oral conscious sedation will allow you to be awake and able to respond to commands, but be deeply relaxed and have no recollection of the procedure once you awake. Be sure to bring someone to drive you home and stay with you until sedative wears off.  


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